Balsamic Dijon Chicken Thighs With Broccoli

If you’re looking for maximum flavor and minimum effort - look no further. You could just about make this meal in your sleep!

Great flavor comes from the balsamic and dijon, but with just one pan to prepare and wash - this is home cooking that’s just about as easy as it gets!

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Ashley Brown
Why We're So Desperate For "Food Rules"

“I just need someone to tell me what to eat” is something I hear a lot in this business. And turns out there’s some really good reasons behind it! But it can also set you up for major pitfalls. Make sure to catch my 5 tips for creating your food rules at the end so you can move forward without failure!

Dieting is tough. Adopting changes in your food choices means you have to create a pattern interrupt roughly 3-4x PER DAY to be successful. 

You know how people find it so hard to quit smoking? Well, a big part of that isn’t just the addictive substance - it’s the fact that cigarettes integrate themselves into so many daily habits. Morning coffee. Lunch time. Mid-afternoon break. Just got off work. Just finished dinner. Heading off to bed. 

When you take away the cigarettes - these other actives STILL EXIST. Which leaves us feeling a trigger to engage in the old behavior even when we really, really want to quit. 

It’s no different with food. 

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Ashley Brown
Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore

It’s cold. It’s dark early. It’s winter in NYC.

It puts me in the mood for warm and cozy meals that are easy to dump together and forget while I go curl up with a book and hot tea (in my dreams!).

This chicken cacciatore is a simple meal that will be there for you when the weather gets colder and you still want something healthy!

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Ashley Brown
Pressure Cooker Cashew Chicken

Cashew nut chicken has always been one of my very favorite dishes to order in if we’re in the mood for asian. The texture of the cashews with the chicken always hits me just right.

Ordering Chinese isn’t usually very “healthy diet” friendly - and while I am totally in favor of enjoying foods you really want (in moderation) I also love having healthy options I can whip up at home. Especially when they cook in 10 minutes.


Pressure cookers are crazy miracles.

But if you don’t have one you could just as easily cook this over medium heat on the stove. Give it a whirl and enjoy! Maybe with a movie :o)

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Ashley Brown