Why I have NO love for the "Quick Fixes" flooding the market

It’s mid january which means a lot of us have tried, and possibly already failed, at making some HUGE changes to our routines. There is so much noise and misinformation in the marketplace right now and it makes me sad. I see these claims about losing 10 lbs in two weeks, detoxes, 21 day fixes… and I think “I hope nobody falls for that.” Here’s the tricky part, they might work! There are endless ways for us to try to reach our health and fitness goals. Businesses offer bootcamps, programs, detoxes, supplements, wraps, pills, shakes, the list goes on. Here’s my question, if these really worked, don’t you think everyone would know about it by now?

I’m trying to focus on helping get the good information out about health and fitness. So here is my advice on how to navigate this over commercialized marketplace and find what you’re REALLY looking for.

A “resolution” is the action of solving a problem. If you choose to solve a problem, but your answer only works for 21 days- then you’re not solving the problem! 21 days later you’ll be looking for an answer again. That’s not a solution, it’s a distraction. I’ve never met anyone that wanted to get in shape for 21 days and then go back to being out of shape and feeling bad about themselves. If you are that person, please reach out to me so we can talk.


If you want to make changes in your body first you have to know what you’re looking for! If you’re choosing a gym or fitness routine you need to know what your goals are! Pick your goals wisely. Decide on what you want for the right reasons. Of course you might just want to look good in a bikini on your upcoming warm weather escape but the real question is why do you want to look good? Because looking good is going to make you feel good! You’re going to feel confident. You’re going to be proud of yourself. You’re going to be able to show off your accomplishments. Those are the kinds of things we have to think about when we decide which path is right for us. Take the time to break down what you want so you can figure out how to get it.

So figuring out what you want is your job, but as a consumer you DESERVE to have a plan. That’s where the fitness industry comes in. If you commit financially to a business, you should know exactly what you’re getting in return. That is a part of the job description. So, let’s say you sign on for some short term plan like a detox, or a 21 day bootcamp etc, you need to know what you’re getting at the end of that period. What does successful completion of that program look like? Is it meant to be a one and done situation? Are they giving you real world information and genuinely teaching you something that you can continue to use when you finish? What is the long term solution?

If you’re looking for real changes, whatever you choose has to work for your lifestyle. The best plan in the world won’t work if you can’t adhere to it. The plan has to work for you, but you also have to truly commit and make it happen. Be honest with yourself when it come to excuses!

So if you’re looking for fitness success in the new year:


  1. Figure out your REAL goals

  2. Pick a plan that will help you work towards those goals

  3. Stick with it. If you found the right program, not only should it work for you, but you should work for it!

Now go rock your 2017!!!

Ashley Brown