Set Point Theory: One Reason Why We Often Seem To Gain Back Weight We Lost

Today I pretended to have my own cooking show, and decided to host a FB Live while I was getting dinner ready, finally fulfilling my dreams of being just like Giada! Ok, I may not be just like her yet… but I think you may still like the recipe and it could be the answer for when you want pasta for dinner but it's a rest day! 

I also started discussing a little bit about macronutrients and why they matter. Ever since I started offering nutrition information and not sticking strictly to Pilates, it has been amazing to me how much misinformation people have been told. I talked a little bit about why the 3 "macros" -  Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats, are so important and why it's helpful to know just how much of each you are eating on a daily basis. If you want to watch the whole thing check out my Ashley Brown Pilates Facebook Page. 

My favorite part of the video though, was talking about "set point theory". You see, set point theory is a hypothesis I learned about while I was in school, and I had FORGOTTEN about it until digging up new information and brushing up on my exercise nutrition! Basically, set point theory is this idea that our bodies have a pre-set weight, like a thermometer for body fat. Our brains recognize all of the cells in our body as "self" and wants to take care of those cells. Even those pesky fat cells that we don't really want (although we definitely need some of them!) When you cut calories, or do whatever else it is you do to try and lose fat, you body doesn't want to kill off those fat cells, and tries to preserve them. Your metabolism will slow down over time in order to accommodate the lower caloric intake. This means even when you're under eating, your body will defend those fat stores and make it nearly impossible to lose those last few pounds (or ANY pounds depending on how much our hormones might be out of whack). 

Research has shown that exercise can help you to lower your set point, and that it's much more effective to use strategies that "reset" your set point, rather than continue to fight it for months on end. Spoiler alert: your body will always win. 

Have you ever struggled through a tough diet and lost weight, only to regain most of it after all your hard work? Set point is likely to blame! My LEAN Life program focuses on exposing these problems so we can build a foolproof plan for you to meet your goals, and maintain them too! If you want to learn more about the program, and if it might be a good fit for you, check it out on my site. LEAN Life uses science to back up these planned out strategies, and gives you the structure you need to turn goals into reality. 


About Ashley:

Ashley is a Pilates instructor and entrepreneur in NYC who specializes in biomechanics and exercise nutrition for women. She uses the science behind exercise physiology to empower her clients to lead healthy, happy lives. Her passion project is writing “The LEAN Life Newsletter” which goes out every Tuesday and focuses on Lifestyle, Exercise, Active recovery, and Nutrition and serves as the backbone for her L.E.A.N. Life online health and fitness programs. She aims to get this information into the hands of as many women as possible so they can feel stronger and more confident in their bodies. For more information head to or @AshleyBrownPilates on instagram, or click here to get on the L.E.A.N. Life List!