Free Recipe Book: 7 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies... That Get You Out The Door Fast

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Today I have a gift for you!

Yes, YOU!

I constantly get asked about BREAKFAST…

  • Is it really so important?

  • Should I skip it?

  • Should I avoid carbs?

  • Should I eat first thing in the morning?

  • Do I need to have a smoothie or a shake?

  • How do I eat vegetables in the morning?

The thing is… the first meal of the day does not need to be so darn confusing!

So I am sharing some top tips on breakfast with you, along with a free recipe E book to help you implement them!

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First things first… To eat or not to eat?

Breakfast is not necessarily the most important meal of the day. A good rule of thumb is if you’re hungry, eat. If you’re not, don’t eat.

This advice only becomes a problem when we’ve completely lost touch with what hunger FEELS like. I know many women who are never truly hungry and will go all day without eating, only to binge at night. In this case, it might be a good idea to start feeding yourself at regular intervals and see if your natural hunger and satiety instincts return.

If you’re on the other side of the spectrum and you are always hungry, I’d recommend you start fueling your body with meals that actually satiate you and keep you full for at least 3-4 hours.

So - should you skip breakfast? Well, it depends on where you fit into the scenario laid out above.

Next… Carbs or No Carbs?

Balanced meals are GOOD FOR YOU. Look to include lean protein, healthy fats, smart fiber-full carbs, and some veggies (yes, veggies). If you can’t stomach veggies in the morning I’d recommend a greens powder OR some berries or other low sugar, nutrient rich food. Yep, it really can be that simple.

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Does the only path to health include a vitamix and some sort of powdered magical mushroom elixir?

Umm, no. In fact, I am a major REAL FOOD advocate. Blending your food is a form of processing. That means your body is going to do less work digesting it, and since you don’t have to chew it or work as hard to digest it you just might find yourself hungry sooner rather than later.

However, smoothies can be a GREAT way to get healthy stuff in your body in a flash and make sure you cover all your bases.

So that is why I am providing you with my Breakfast Smoothie Recipe E-Book.

I know you’re busy and I know you don’t have time to dig through the 6 million smoothie recipes in google and then proceed to decipher which one will actually be good for you. You can download this and whip up a mango coconut green smoothie or raspberry zinger shake with cashew butter tomorrow morning and rest assured it was a great and healthy choice for your body.

Have a question? ! I’d love to hear from you by email at OR on Instagram at @ashleybrownfitnessnutrition.

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