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The Motivation Myth

Are you feeling uninspired by your fitness?

Spring has sprung and the layers are beginning to get peeled back. This isn’t just true of our warm jackets and furry boots, but also our mindset. Those new year’s resolutions are long dead for most of us. If you’re one of the millions that ditched the new diet, workout trends, or shiny new mindset in favor of what you did before… I want you to know it’s not your fault.

Anytime we start a new fitness plan, we are super motivated and ready to rumble, maybe even desperate for a change after resisting taking action for so long (after all, change is HARD and not something we’re wired for!) Motivation is a powerful tool, but eventually, it wanes. The excitement of change wears off and the “this is hard” sets in.

You can't depend on motivation to get you to the finish line.

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Why Nutrition Matters For You

I DID IT! I am officially a Level 1 certified nutrition coach with precision nutrition!

In celebration of this, I want to talk to you a little bit about why nutrition is SO important, no matter WHAT you're trying to achieve. 

Why Nutrition Matters For You

Proper nutrition seems so…. Boring. There’s nothing particularly sexy about eating your veggies. But, no matter what your goals are nutrition should be at the very top of your priorities. Here’s why...

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STOP The "Clean Eating" Craze!

I'm giving up the whole idea of "Clean Eating" in 2018. "Clean Eating" is taking over the health and fitness world as THE way to get in shape and regain your health. 

It seems innocuous enough... clean is good! The word "clean" drums up images of shiny floors, that pinesol smell, and a squeaky clean colon. What's not to love? 

But what is clean eating, really?

Google the phrase and you'll find lots of magazine articles on "How To Eat Clean" and "Clean Eating Challenges" but ultimately, there's only a loosely accepted definition. 

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5 Steps To Fitness In 2018

Are you still deciding HOW to be healthier in 2018? Maybe you’ve already cut a few of those overly ambitious resolutions?  I get… life happens! But I don’t want life to “just happen” to you!

In order to be healthier and gain more fitness you must take consistent positive action.

If you want to wake up every morning and LOVE your body you have to start somewhere, even with very small changes. Those small changes are important! Consistency doesn’t “just happen”. If your chosen habit change doesn’t fit into your lifestyle (likely because it's too much to tackle all at once) you’re not likely to stick with it.

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