What Does It Take To Get Lean?

What does it take to be super lean? 

There's a lot to consider when you're figuring out your fitness goals, and likely the most important question is "What is it worth to you?". How much do you REALLY want it? 

That's where this graphic comes in.

If you're on a quest for abs you're certainly not alone, but it's important to note that a majorly defined 6 pack isn't always a marker of optimal health. It can be a little hard to visualize what kind of tradeoffs you're looking at when you choose your goals, but luckily the folks over at Precision Nutrition published an *awesome* infographic and I'm sharing it with you! 

Many of you might not know that I am currently studying extra hard to get my L1 Certification with Precision Nutrition and I've got to tell you - their materials are top notch. Their textbook, curriculum and support is all equally as good as what I received during my undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology. SO, needless to say, I am PSYCHED about this extra certification and geeking out on the regular so that I can pass along all that awesome info to YOU! 

Make sure you check out the pictures and guidelines below so you can "keep it real" with yourself while you're figuring out what you want, and what's really "worth it" to YOU!

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PN InfoGraphic 2.png
PN InfoGraphic 3.png
PN Inforgraphic 4.png
PN Infographic 5.png

No matter where you want to be on this chart, smart strategies for fitness are NECESSARY to be successful in today's hyper-scheduled, high tech world. 

Do you geek out on the "science-y" stuff like I do? Have you heard of Carb Cycling but you're not sure where to start? Are you spending hours at the gym and still waiting to see results? Carb cycling is a very smart, very real world, useful strategy to give you better workouts and let you enjoy more of your favorite foods, while still burning fat and gaining muscle! Learn more here OR download my guide below!


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About Ashley:

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