What does my grandma's pumpkin pie have to do with Instagram fitness?


Here's a familiar little head game... 

"That's IT. I've had it. I workout 5 days a week and I still haven't been able to lean out the way I want to. Ugh. What could be holding me back?" 

"Maybe I just need a new diet. This clearly isn't working." 
~ Googles "best diet" and comes back with 1,347 options, all with completely conflicting information ~ 

"Ok, that's overwhelming... what else could be the problem? Maybe I'm not doing the right exercises! I need new ones!" 

~ Spends 45 minutes searching Instagram for fitness tips. Wraps up with 50 new exercises saved to "favorites" ~ 

Access to fitness and nutrition information is at an ALL TIME HIGH. 

And yet, we continue to see the rise of metabolic disease and health care costs year after year. 


Because information is not the problem. If it were, google would have solved it years ago and we'd all be rocking our best bodies and most confident selves on the daily. 

What if I gave you a recipe and it was a recipe for my grandmother's Indiana state fair blue ribbon winning pumpkin pie. 

What if that delectable recipe was simply a sheet a paper, listing only the ingredients. 

No ingredient amounts... just.... "Eggs." How many eggs? Unclear. 

No instructions. Where you begin, nobody knows. I guess just dump it all into a bowl? 

What do you preheat the oven to? Your guess is as good as mine. 

So, you take your best shot and try to make the pie... but safe to say your results may vary and your pie is not going to be anything like that blue ribbon pie. 

(Funny enough, this is totally based on a true story. My mom typed up my grandma's recipe on a typewriter when she was about 10 years old... and 10 year old Cid did not quite get the recipe right. So we have some weird mixed up recipe and to this day, year after year, we try to recreate her pie and come up short. Nobody was getting credit for her ribbons!)

So as you scroll through Instagram and you see these fun new exercises to try out I want to remind you that you're only getting a list of ingredients. You're getting little to no information on how often to perform them, where they fit into a routine and how long you should be including them in your program. It’s just a snapshot of a part of the recipe.

That's Instagram fitness and exercises. You have ingredients, and ingredients ARE important! But a list of ingredients is somewhat useless without quantities and instructions. Results may vary is an understatement. 

The endless scroll of "New Move Monday" is misleading, and I'm 100% guilty of it too because it is what the platform lends itself to. We, as an industry, are limited to sharing things in this format because really the reps and programming aren't always one size fits all. 

So as you hit the gym this week, working on your own "pumpkin pie"... remember that HOW you implement and program your exercises - and the intention behind that - is equally important to the outcome as the ingredients themselves!

Go forth and get sweaty ✌️

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Ashley Brown