How Will You Start 2019?


Are you thinking of throwing in the towel on your health for the holidays?

I mean, it's really a losing battle, right? 

You've got the cocktail parties.

The kid's school parties. 

The vacations.

The actual holiday feast (and the far reaching leftovers). 

There are all kinds of ways we celebrate and many of them involve extra food and basically feeling like crap the next day. 

It's easier to skip the "what did I do?!" shame and decide to give up before you can fail in the first place.

Here's the thing though... 

If you put your health off until January, you're no doubt going to be starting off in a WORSE place then than you are now. 

Take a second to think about how you'd like to feel as you slide into your summer clothes for that trip to the tropics in March. 

Let's say you're like many of us and you'd like to lose 10 lbs by then.

If you throw in the towel until January, you might be starting at 15lbs to go. 

BUT - what if you just kept up a bit with your workouts and decided to pay attention to the foods you eat when you're NOT celebrating. That's gotta be at least 4 days per week. That's over HALF of the week you can still eat normally! 

What if you just held yourself accountable and ended up actually LOSING 3 pounds before January even got here! 

Now you're down some weight, with just 7 lbs to go. 

That sounds pretty good! 

We have exactly 32 days before January 1st. 

If you're not used to helping people meet their fitness goals you might not know this - BUT - losing 1 pound every 10 days is conservative. It wouldn't take much to do that. 

Of course, if you want to put it off, that's totally cool. I get that. There are plenty of people who choose to eat and drink with abandon over the holidays. 

All I'm asking you to do is make a strong decision about what you really want to do. 

If you're going to "not worry about your diet" but then simultaneously feel guilty every time you pick up a chocolate santa and peppermint martini I want you to know you can avoid that guilt by choosing to simply "try" over the holidays. 

If you do yourself a favor and make a decision now, and accept it, you can also let go of any shame or guilt over indulging later. You can also do this by choosing to try to make healthy choices when possible, and allowing yourself indulgences some of the time.

The POWER is in the CHOICE.

Healthy looks different for different times of our lives, different times of the year, and for different people. 

I don't need to tell you that you DO have control over what you eat, if you move your body, and if you "throw in the towel" or just do your best. 

So, would you rather start January with 15 lbs to go or 7? 

If you want to let loose, eat, drink, be merry, and still - that's 100% ok. We can talk next year. 

But, if you're wanting that head start... 

If you want to feel awesome on January 1st... 

And you want to prove to yourself that you do have the power to stand up to "the holidays" and be healthier on the other side... I'm here to help! 

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Ashley Brown