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Juice Cleanses: The #1 Way To Lose Money And Muscle (But Not Fat!)

Let’s get back to business, folks! This is the post I’ve been eagerly waiting to put up ever since I got it all thought out and organized in my google doc. Last Tuesday I filled you in on the number one factor in your body composition (aka how much fat you have on your body vs everything else). I mentioned that there are plenty of horrific diet trends on the market, but the one I really find the most offensive is the juice cleanse.

I think I feel that way because it takes such advantage of people’s trust in whole, natural, foods. Energy balance is the opposite of a juice cleanse. It’s old school, it’s a little boring, and it’s really, really effective. So, let’s dive right in!

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Energy Balance: Why Juice Cleanses Are Awful For Your Waistline

There are plenty of horrific diet trends on the market right now to choose from, but perhaps the most offensive is the Juice Cleanse.

I think I feel that way because it takes such advantage of people’s trust in whole, natural, foods. Energy balance on the other hand is one of the OG nutrition strategies. It’s not very trendy or flashy but it IS effective. 

We’re all human and we want that instant-gratification quick fix. A magic pill, a juice cleanse, or a 21 day fix is far more appealing than putting in the sweat equity and planning for healthy, long term changes.

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Finding Alignment Upside Down

Not too long ago I wrote a post teaching you how to structure your own workout. Specifically, I focused on how I helped my friend build strength in her handstand. If you’re struggling to figure out where your body is in space when you’re inverted it can be SUPER helpful to know what is going on, so you can figure out how to address any issues you might be having.

You have to use your legs for leverage and play around and explore the positioning. Most of the time we tend to hyperextend in our back and throw our legs too far behind us, this is especially true when we are kicking up to a wall.

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How To Find Happiness In Your Healthiness

I mentioned in a few of my previous blogs that there are tons of psychological benefits to carb cycling. This nutritional tool has allowed me to overcome a life long dysfunctional relationship with food. 

It's unfortunate, but women all over the world are at war with their bodies. We starve ourselves, punish ourselves with exercise, and whisper cruel words to ourselves when we look in the mirror.

I spent most of my life hating my body. My internal monologue was nothing short of abusive, I said things to myself that I wouldn't dream of saying out loud. I would eat because I was happy, eat because I was sad. Food was my answer to everything. I cringe when I recall all of the pain I put myself through, all the time I wasted feeling helpless and unworthy.

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The Risk You're Taking By Not Investing In Your Health

I know last week I left you with lots of info on why we need carbs and how to build muscle. This week I was planning on telling you how when these powers combine they are Captain Planet - and basically amazing and super effective in providing us with emotional freedom from the carb phobia so many of us have... but then this little quote popped up on my Instagram and I just COULD. NOT. LET. IT. GO. 

As a trainer I hear two reasons above all else that people can't start a new health and fitness routine. 

  1. "I don't have the time."
  2. "I don't have the money."

Out of respect I usually just agree that yes, it does take time, and it does take money to be healthy and fit. And then I reassure them that sure, it would, undoubtedly, be easier NOT to prioritize their own health. But today, I'm telling you how I really feel and why I really hope you'll change your perspective and throw out those excuses before it's too late.

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