Is your fitness plan to just "wing it"?


Do you show up to a random hodgepodge of workouts every week? The gym, peloton, hot yoga, HIIT...  whatever meshes with your schedule.

Are you finding yourself running that exact same 3 miles every Tuesday and Thursday? 

Getting tired of the same worn out exercises... and wondering why they don't seem to be doing anything for you?

Keep reading.. there's a $$$$ tip waiting for you in this post.

There is one major theme that threads the above scenarios together. These situations happen when we don't have an over arching plan for our workouts, our goals, or our bodies. 

You see, when you first start out "fitnessing" you're kind of starting out at 0. Your baseline is nothing, so it doesn't take much to see some changes. (SCORE!)

Beginners will see progress lightning fast when they start ANY new workout routine... no matter what it is. 

Eventually though, we see diminishing returns. And it's at this point that most of us say to ourselves "OH! I'm not working hard enough. I must need to do MORE of what I'm doing." 

I have good and bad news for you. 

The bad news is... you're WRONG. More effort is not the answer. 

The good news is... you're wrong! More effort is not the answer! Yay! 

As we get stronger, adapt, and keep showing up - we have to be smarter and more strategic about WHAT we are doing and WHERE we are spending our time. 

(Besides adding more and more to your workouts and to do list…. ain't nobody got time for that!)

Making the best use of your time, knowing where to focus on strength and resistance training, how to incorporate smart and effective cardio is all part of having a productive plan in place. 

Imagine you have an appointment coming up. You know it's coming, but I'm not going to tell you the day, or the time. You'll have to clear your schedule to be there and your attendance is mandatory. You don't know the location. You don't know if you can walk, drive, fly or take a train. 

What is the likelihood you're going to make it to that appointment? 


I'm going to save us some time and cut to the chase. 

The appointment coming up is your body and whatever changes you may be wanting to make. 

The total lack of information is the lack of a plan. 

Not only do you not have a goal set for yourself and no way to measure progress (the time and location) but because of this you have no way to formulate a plan and figure out where you should be spending your precious sweaty workout time (how will you get there? when should you leave? etc.) 

Of course, this isn't the only piece of the puzzle but the truth is you will see phenomenal resultsjust by taking the time to decide what is important to you, and how you will know if you get there. Based on that just take a few minutes and formulate a plan, choose which exercises and routines you should focus on, and decide when you'll do it. 

This is literally what I do for my clients all the time and it is a huge part of my job. I am here to guide you. I simplify. I use my experiences and knowledge to create a plan that makes the most productive use of your precious time and gets you where you want to be. 

There is an endless supply of new exercises, new diet plans, and fitness "shoulds" you can find on the internet these days. But cutting through the #fitnessfakenews and getting results is key. 

So do yourself a favor and shape a path for yourself today! If you need help, shoot me an email.

Next up I'm going to be talking about pumpkin pie and workout plans... and why Insta-fitness is misleading! 

Stay tuned... and have a healthy day!

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Ashley Brown