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Do you do remote training?

Yes! I work with clients all over! Private training sessions can be scheduled over FaceTime or zoom video conference. Remote/online workout programming is also available completely online. Nutrition and transformation coaching is also offered over FaceTime and zoom conference. 

Do you have any group programs?

Not currently. I offered a group program in the past that is currently being prepared to relaunch. If you are interested in joining in the future make sure you’re on the email list to get updates when it’s time to sign up!

Do you track macros?

Nope! I have done this in the past, and it can be a great tool for learning what a proper portion size looks like - I prefer to eat intuitively and listen to my body. Of course this only works once we’ve built a healthy relationship with food and our bodies, so we can trust the signals we are hearing!

Will lifting weights make my bulky?

Nope, not unless that’s what you’re going for! Our aesthetic has to do with how much muscle mass we have AND how much body fat we have. Muscle helps our body burn calories, manage blood sugar, and stay resilient! The more muscle we have, the easier it is to stay in shape. Want to learn more? Check out my blog post on muscle here.  

I’m not in shape, can we still work together?

Everybody starts somewhere. Let’s get to work, and we can change that. All programming and nutrition counseling is focused on meeting you where you are at and building from there.

Training is expensive. Where can I find good information for free?

I offer tons of video tutorials and information on my instagram page so be sure to check that out. I also send out blog posts and information every week to my email subscribers. Get on the list and get started, FO FREE!