6 weeks to a leaner, healthier, and happier lifestyle

I know how frustrating it can be to want to be healthier and feel overwhelmed by all the options in the marketplace. By the time January ends, many people have given up on their resolutions and fallen back into old habits, leaving their goals behind. I struggled with this cycle every year for most of my life. I focus on the whole picture, because it’s really all about feeling strong and confident in your body! I teach my clients about Lifestyle, Exercise, Active recovery, and Nutrition - which is where the L.E.A.N. life program all started.

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If you want to look healthy, you have to be healthy.

Most health and fitness plans on the market are selling the next “quick fix” and don’t look at full body health and wellness as an answer. And, while drastic measures can lead to changes, most of the time these are short lived. Hype can only serve as a motivator for so long, you want to see and feel changes that push you to keep going. The passion I have for the science behind how our body works coupled with my years of experience as both a Pilates teacher and general fitness student, have pushed me to come up with a real solution, not just for myself, but for others too.

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Plans only work when they're executed.

A lot of programs on the market primarily address fat loss and aim to get you there as fast as possible, without taking into account how you’ll feel throughout the process or how you’ll maintain your results afterwards. It can be tempting to fall for the quick fix, but most of us know that it takes more than that to get the results we want. I want you to have a real solution and a long term plan that keeps you feeling energetic, motivated, and happy. Restrictive eating plans and arduous daily workouts not only make it harder to stay committed but also make it impossible for most of us to fit healthy changes into our lives. Throughout this program I won’t ask you to do either of those things, and we will leverage the science behind our workouts and nutrition to make sure we are achieving the maximum results with minimum input.


If you want to make a change you don’t have to struggle through fast fixes, cleanses, and “insane” workouts. You can get the results you’ve been chasing after by joining my LEAN Life program. You can keep those results by learning why we use the strategies we do and how to make it work for your body.

I am so confident that this program will work that I offer a money back guarantee if after a good faith effort for 6 weeks you don’t see or feel the changes you were hoping for. 


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Frequently asked questions

Q: What kind of workouts can I expect?

    A: You will be given 4 workouts per week, to be completed on whichever days you choose, that are all approximately 30 minutes in length.  Each workout has two sections, a strength section and a stamina section, which is usually HIIT style. The strength portion of each workout utilizes my extensive Pilates background but also pulls from my experience in yoga, Crossfit, and general strength training. All of the workouts can be performed at home or in a gym, and you have the option to use some light dumbbells or other small props if you choose to. If you’d prefer not to use equipment than I have recommendations for certain substitutes like using water bottles as light weights for example! 

Q: I struggle with staying on track, how do you hold us accountable? 

A: The accountability aspect of the program is one of the best parts! First, we make sure to set goals in the beginning of the program so we know exactly what we want to accomplish! Then, we learn about WHY we use the strategies we do to meet those goals. I find that when we are educated on why we are doing something we are much more likely to stick with it. We have weekly check-ins too, and access to a Facebook group and forum where participants can post questions and discuss anything they're struggling with,  as well as cheer each other on!  

Q: What can I expect to learn about over the next 7 weeks? 

We start the program with a "prep week" to make sure we know what we want to accomplish and have a plan of attack. This is when you will receive your custom nutrition recommendations and learn how to implement the strategies we're learning about.  For each following week we will have a curriculum of various topics to learn about to keep us motivated and help us to continue to care for our bodies throughout the whole process. In addition to nutrition and exercise these posts contain information on broader topics like lifestyle and active recovery and could be on anything from getting enough sleep to indulging in alcohol in a smart way that doesn’t derail your progress. 

Q: Why 6 weeks?

    A: Most scientific research has shown that a 12 week period is the best time frame to create change in the body. Whether you’re trying to gain muscle, lose fat, or maintain previous results, 12 weeks seems to be the best duration for helping us to get there. However, 12 weeks is a BIG commitment! Most of us would feel pretty uncomfortable with that. 6 weeks is enough time to create real change and see results, but with a less demanding commitment of your life.


Q: I’ve tried everything. Why do you think this will work?

    A: Man, have I BEEN THERE! Even after I got my degree in exercise physiology and was working in the fitness industry I was struggling with my health, my body composition, and most importantly, my body image. The beauty of this program is that it is backed up with SCIENCE and years of experience, not just from myself but from the countless number of other fitness experts that I am constantly learning from. We use simple math to create a framework for this program and we then have the data to tweak things and make changes within the program so that it works for you! There’s no guessing and no “maybes”.


Q: How fast can I expect to see results?

    A: During this program you can expect to consistently lose 1-2 pounds of mass per week. We do our best to make sure that as much of this as possible is fat mass, and not muscle mass. This is incredibly important to create the aesthetic we are looking for but also so that you feel strong and energized throughout this process! If we don’t see weight loss at this rate, we will have 100% control to be able to manipulate the program to fit your body! We will even have a check in and “tweak” for everyone mid-program!



Still a little uncertain? Email me and we will set up a free, no commitment, 15 minute consultation today! I can't wait to hear from you!

Here's what some of my clients have to say...

Even not having completed the whole program as diligently as I was hoping to, I am so impressed with how great I feel. I am noticeably stronger and more toned! You are so knowledgeable and such a wealth of information. Thank you so much for this experience. I loved the Facebook group and how quickly you were able to respond to any questions I had about the exercises. I have such a new appreciation for Pilates and am so grateful to have found this program.
— Melissa
I am really enjoying the Postpartum Pilates 4 week course. I’ve never done Pilates before, but each workout has been so clearly depicted through short videos, that it makes it easy to follow Ashley’s movements and makes me feel like I am actually taking a Pilates class in person. The exercises get progressively tougher and more complex each week, which I love being 7 weeks postpartum. My body started off feeling very weak during Week One, but it has definitely gotten stronger with each workout, especially my abdominals and back! I actually dreaded doing any ab workouts prior to pregnancy, but right now I am loving it because it actually feels GOOD! I crave to complete workouts daily-but my schedule doesn’t easily allow me to do so-which is why I love the fact that I can complete them in parts! I do what I can when I can. Moreover, Ashley also provides a lot of information about the postpartum body and what to expect through daily FB videos, which has been super informative. She’s also easily accessible via email and FB. Overall, I’ve really taken to this course and can’t wait to complete the remaining two weeks!
— Ming