Private Training -

Personalized Pilates training to fit your body. My teachers always said to "teach the body in front of you" and I think that is really what Pilates is all about. I like to use Pilates as a tool to teach you how to move in your every day life. That means I want our sessions to help you do something else better than you could before. Maybe it's taking a spin class without knee pain, or waking up without such a stiff back. Maybe you want to be able to carry those groceries home without huffing and puffing so much. Whatever you "why" I'm here to help! 

Equipment vs Mat work - 

Love the equipment? I've got you covered! Using the Pilates equipment is the most traditional way of getting a workout but most of my clients agree, the matwork is even more challenging! Often times my clients enjoy switching between the two and gaining exposure to the full Pilates Method.

In Person vs Video Conferencing - 

While hands-on adjustments can be invaluable, there is something to be said for being able to take direction and coaching without the need for physical adjustments. If you aren't local, are out of town, or just want to workout from the comfort of your home I can offer you video conferencing sessions and coach you from afar! 

Personalized Homework - 

You have goals, I get that. I want to help you to accomplish them! You also have a budget. One on one sessions are great for helping you troubleshoot poor movement patterning, but if you're just looking for some guidance on how to do Pilates on your own time, I can help you with that too! We can work together to find a routine that works for you, and just schedule some "check up" appointments as needed. 

Group Class Training -

There are currently no group classes on the schedule but I am always looking for more opportunities to spread the Pilates word! If you have a group of friends or live in a building with a great group space please contact me for more information. You never know what might work out! 

Corporate Training -

With all of the health insurance concerns these days who isn't looking to lower health care costs? Lifestyle factors have a huge impact on your employees health, happiness, and productivity. Why not make it easier for them to devote time to their health and wellness by hosting a regular class in the office?