The Precision of Bespoke 1:1 Programming With The Constant Support Of A Membership

That's The Difference You Get When Working With Ashley Brown Fitness + Nutrition.

Offered as a hybrid of 1:1 sessions or 100% online based coaching, you will achieve more than you ever thought possible and wonder "Why did I struggle with this so much before?"

How Does It Work?

Inside the ABF+N phone app you will find nutritional guidance, bespoke workouts, messages from Ashley reminding you what to focus on, a schedule for your workouts and habits, and a messaging system. What you will create is a life where health and fitness becomes second nature, an extension of your already awesome and busy life.   

The app functions as the foundation of our work together. This system assures us that no matter the conflicts that arise, we can consistently work together without disruption. Child care emergencies, vacations, and any other unforeseen circumstances won’t stand in the way of your workouts or your progress. This will sky rocket your consistency and therefore your results!

Are You Ready To Transform Your Health and Your Life?

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one on one training

Why Are You Here?   

The most important question to ask yourself before starting any one on one training program is "What do I want out of this?" If you don't know what your goals are and why you want to give Pilates a try, we might not be a great fit for working together. 

My goal is to use each working session to get you closer to your goals. We will start by using a few exercises to assess movement patterning. Pilates is an excellent tool to help us figure out what is working well, and what isn't. When it comes to moving our bodies, we tend to develop a few bad habits over time. 

Many of us have suffered from injuries in the past, or perhaps just some nondescript aches and pains. I want to minimize these little annoyances as much as possible. Pilates is a movement system that will guide us towards a stronger you. My number one goal is to pass along information to you, so that you know what good movement patterns look and feel like. This way we can identify faulty patterns and things that are going wrong and improve them before they have a chance to turn into larger issues or injuries down the road. Whether you're an athlete who depends on peak performance, or someone who just wants to lead an active injury free life, we can get you on the right track. 

Classical Pilates 

This is where it all began. Classical Pilates is traditionally taught in a one on one setting, where students will also learn some of the movements to incorporate into their routines.  If you REALLY want to learn the ins and outs of Pilates, look no further than this tried and true approach. 

Many of my students have told me that my style of teaching has given them a deeper understanding of WHY we perform the movements that we do during our workouts. These "light bulb" moments are exactly why I love being able to pass on the good movement information! 

Prenatal and Postpartum Pilates 

The prenatal and postpartum time is SO very special and I'm honored I get to be a part of it with you. Your body goes through a lot of changes during this time! While there are certainly some limitations as you progress through a pregnancy, you are still a human being. Our bodies are designed to withstand this! Pregnancy isn't the end of being healthy and fit, and in fact, for many it can be the beginning. 

Many women struggle with Diastasis Recti following pregnancy. This is extremely common, but it indicates that there will be some issues to overcome as we re-strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor. It is totally safe to workout with DR, you just have to know which movements will help, and which can exacerbate the problem. Just like pregnancy, DR is different for every woman and there's no "one size fits all" approach. The best way to treat and heal the problem is with patience and persistence. 

Want To Work Together? 

The first step to scheduling a session is getting in touch with me! Because of the personal nature of my work I always schedule a preliminary phone call or meeting, lasting just 10-15 minutes, to discuss your goals and movement history. This is helpful for a lot of reasons, but primarily it saves us time during our first session because we've gotten this out the way! This allows us to spend your first session assessing and fixing, instead of discussing. 

To schedule a phone call you can use my online schedule and select "15 Minute Intro Call" for the appointment type. I can't wait to hear from you!


Studio/FaceTime Pilates - 

Single Session $125

4 Pack Private Pilates $460 ($115/session)

8 Pack Private Pilates $840 ($105/session)

12 Pack Private Pilates $1200 ($100/session)

In Home Private Pilates -

Single Session $175

4 Pack In Home Pilates $600 ($150/session)

8 Pack In Home Pilates $1160 ($145/session)

12 Pack In Home Pilates $1680 ($140/session)


To hold recurring appointments on the schedule you must also subscribe to the ABF+N app billed at $150/monthly. 

All packages are intended to be used monthly to facilitate monthly billing for recurring appointments.

Packages expire 6 weeks after the purchase date.  

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In Person vs Video Conferencing  

While hands-on adjustments can be invaluable, there is something to be said for being able to take direction and coaching without the need for physical adjustments. If you aren't local, are out of town, or just want to workout from the comfort of your home I can offer you video conferencing sessions and coach you from afar! 


Personalized Homework

You have goals, I get that. I want to help you to accomplish them! You also have a budget. One on one sessions are great for helping you troubleshoot poor movement patterning, but if you're just looking for some guidance on how to do Pilates on your own time, I can help you with that too! We can work together to find a routine that works for you, and just schedule some "check up" appointments as needed. 

Why Private Training  

Personalized Pilates training to fit your body. My teachers always said to "teach the body in front of you" and I think that is really what Pilates is all about. I like to use Pilates as a tool to teach you how to move in your every day life. That means I want our sessions to help you do something else better than you could before. Maybe it's taking a spin class without knee pain, or waking up without such a stiff back. Maybe you want to be able to carry those groceries home without huffing and puffing so much. Whatever your "why" is, I'm here to help! 

Equipment vs Mat work

Love the equipment? I've got you covered! Using the Pilates equipment is the most traditional way of getting a workout but most of my clients agree, the matwork is even more challenging! Often times my clients enjoy switching between the two and gaining exposure to the full Pilates Method.

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