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 words to live by


No matter how we are working together, these principles guide the process and ensure success.

Mastery Starts With Mastering The Basics

We all start out as beginners. We master the basics first, and earn the right to the “sexy” stuff later.

Health and Fitness Should Feel Simple

Changing every aspect of your day is not the goal. Becoming your healthiest, happiest self requires patience - but not complexity! We focus on the minimum effective dose for maximum greatest change.

Consistency Is The key

There is one key component across every major positive health change: consistent action. We are what we do often! One workout won’t get you where you want to be, but missing one won’t change much either.

Know Your Why

Things can get complicated pretty quick when it comes to training and nutrition. Every strategy should be backed up with a strong WHY. This keeps things simple and do-able.

Know Your Goal

Your goals determine your plan! There can only be one most important thing. You can have it all, you just can’t have it all at once.

Healthy is a Lifestyle

Training and nutrition opens the door to great health, but your lifestyle allows you to walk through it. Working out and healthy meals are important, but they’re not your whole life. Those other hours in your day are just as important to reaching your goals.

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Repair your relationship with food, rehab your body image and self confidence, and transform your body.

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online Training

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