Working out with Ashley has been a game-changer for me. I came to her working out too hard, but still not seeing great results and facing back pain and soreness. Ashley is so smart, creative and nimble. Every workout is completely tailored to my most immediate needs. I feel great and healthier, and I see much better results. Ashley is always smiling and the workouts are enjoyable and make me feel accomplished!
— Romy N, NYC, Handstand Lover, Go-Getter, and Mom of 2
Ashley’s dedication and passion for her craft, attention to detail, and extraordinary knowledge of body mechanics has vastly improved my body function, strength, and flexibility whether it is during physical activities or carrying on any day to day responsibilities.

Her pre and post-natal pilates helped me staying fit through 3 childbirths and quickly recover from these. Ashley has an exceptional ability to observe bodies in motion with meticulous attention and give precise, targeted instructions that create alignment and awareness. She has the humor, energy, and passion to keep the workout fun while pushing you to new limits. I have been training with her for over 5 years and every workout feels fresh and new depending of what needs she reads from my body and what opportunities she identifies to evolve. There is really no one like her and I have been through a lot of instructors over the last two decades. I have recommended her to many friends and can attest that you will only need 1 session before you are hooked!
— K. A., NYC , Self-Care Master, Mom of 3, Strength Seeker
Ashley......just can’t say enough wonderful things about her! When I came to her I was in a lot of upper back and neck pain from being in an anterior pelvic tilt posture that only got much wore during pregnancy and I truly knew very little about it.
At first, I was hesitant to work with her because coming from a weight lifting high intensity background I didn’t want to change my routine. But Ashley spent a ton of time with me explaining why my current routine would only further my pain and not be ideal for my active lifestyle. Every step of the way she explained the “why” to me and answered ALL of my thousands of question as I started training with her. In about a month’s time my posture was SO greatly improved and I noticed I was enjoying my days much more and was not in pain! This is huge. I could bend, move and run alongside my 2 year old son again. At the same time she totally zoned in on my nutrition piece and made me so aware of how much and what I was eating. I used to be a coffee drinker because I needed a charge in the morning but honestly now I get to choose if I want that cup or not. how cool is that! I don’t ever feel like I need it to get me going.
And I attribute this to her making me aware of why whole foods fuel your body and exactly how much we need everyday. I am continuing to work with her and she is totally committed to sculpting the physique that I have dreamed of after pregnancy. Honestly, I could go on and on about Ashley but I will say one thing I know for sure she is passionate, committed and dedicated to her clients 100%. I trust her with all my heart and am so excited to continue my fitness journey with her! Cannot wait to see more awesome results in the months to come! Thank you Ashley.
— Christina H, St. Louis, Strong Momma of 1, Lifelong Fitness Devotee
I was looking for a trainer who believed in “lifting heavy” (versus someone who would say women can’t lift anything heavier than 3 lbs.for example); and also someone who wouldn’t push a very specific nutritional plan (e.g, keto). I saw enough on her Instagram posts to know that she was also fit and well versed and educated in exercise physiology. As someone with a chronic injury that had plagued some of my previous trainers, I needed someone who is educated and understood the science of the body; versus just doing the same exercises with every client.

I had gained 35 lbs in my late 30’s and I had been struggling with it the past 8 years. I knew coming into my work with Ashley that I was tired of the yo-yo’ing; and I wanted to find something that I could do for the rest of my life...I just didn’t know what that was. I had already worked with another trainer for the past year that got me in the habit of weight training at least 2-3 times per week; but the results I saw were limited because I just didn’t eat well (i.e., as people say, you just can’t out-train a bad diet.) The problem was that I would follow some diet that was the most popular at the time - paleo, keto, Whole30, juice it, I had done it. I saw success with every single one of them in the sense I lost about 10 lb or so but then I’d just reach a wall and go back to my old way of eating and gain it all back, if not more. As matter of fact, the initial weight gain was only about 20 lbs, the additional 15 lbs came from the yo-yo’ing. I was actually getting fatter by dieting.
I have finally found a way to eat and exercise that is sustainable for me for the rest of my life. I no longer refer to it as “being on program” or “off program.” It’s just life and how I try and choose to eat. It doesn’t feel that drastically feel different from how I used to it; and therefore, I don’t feel so restricted - which led to either bingeing or stopping “the program” or the diet all together before reaching my goal.

She works with where you are at on a given day and has also worked with my work schedule and travel to help me stay on my game. I don’t feel bored and I feel challenged with every workout. Ashley is also super nice and fun; and we get along so well and I have fun with her. She’s not just a trainer who yells at her clients like a boot camp drill sergeant.

I’d recommend Ashley to anyone who is serious about making long-term changes for their health and/or body. I think that’s where Ashley really shines at.

I look forward to working with someone who is well prepared and cares about my progress as much as I do. She checks in with me through multiple different means - her app (which is great), her check-ins, etc. Also - she’s the first trainer I feel like I can be completely honest with - I don’t feel judged even if I’ve not been on my A game.
— CCJ, NYC, former Yo-yo Dieter, food lover, hard worker
Ashley is so knowledgeable about the body and rehab for injuries. She also cares so much about her clients and her focus on their needs is amazing. It is such a positive experience working with her!
— Kate, NYC, Ashley Brown Pilates Client, "Recovering" Ballet Dancer, and Athletic Do-It-All-er
Honestly, I wasn’t sure that I would get enough value for the cost of the program, and I only did it because S****y was so enthusiastic about the ones she’d done in the past. BUT, I was wrong. The program has been helpful in numerous ways.
In no particular order:
1. Motivation, pure and simple.
2. Mixed up my workout routine.
3. I am a person that likes to work out HARD. And while this program was difficult at points, it wasn’t terrible. And that was OK! Plus, the most life changing things hadn’t been the tabata or other hiit, it’s been the Pilates movements, which I haven’t done in years, hit has made a big difference in my core. I can feel my muscles more, I am a little slimmer, my pants for a little better.
4. I now have ideas for working out when my husband travels, at it’s hard to get out of the house to the gym with 2 kids.
5. This idea of carb cycling, which I think I’m going to integrate more into my meals.
— Anna, Remote Client NYC, Lawyer, Handstand Lover, Boy Mom, Beer Lover
Even not having completed the whole program as diligently as I was hoping to, I am so impressed with how great I feel. I am noticeably stronger and more toned! Ashley is so knowledgable and such a wealth of information. Thank you (Ashley) so much for this experience. I loved the Facebook group and how quickly you were able to respond to any questions I had.. I have such a new appreciation for Pilates and am so grateful to have found this program.
— Melissa, Remote Connecticut, Registered Dietician, Entrepreneur, Mother of 2